I have a thought in my mind today. Woman are basically Indian women who do household chores,cooks for the hole family. They are called housewife..

And woman who work outside manage business or work in a company they are called working women..

I really find those things are strange..can anyone tell me if the woman who work outside are not a housewife?don’t she take care of her child?aren’t they devoted to their family?and I want to know also if the woman who are housewives are not working?shouldn’t they be seen with respect?is it small job to raise children’s and manage house.?

There are many woman who proudly say that they are housewives..I really proud of them..

But there are some woman who say why do I maintain myself I stay at home!

I say why you don’t need?

You need more!

Why do you consider yourself low?

Why do you ignore yourself?

You need to care yourself I mean to say that if a woman does housework so she is equal to a working woman.

I must say that every housewife should also be updated,and educated..she should love herself every woman is a future builder..

I really love that womans who manage all housework raising children,keeping herself updated,learning new things…

God bless everyone..

Libstar award 2

I am happy again to be nominated for the libstar award..Jasleen manifests has nominated me again..thank you so much Jasleen for your love support and appreciation!actually its Jasleen’s love for me,I just love her blog in which she writes a lot about law of attraction,manifestation,subconscious etc.Thank you jasleen thank you again..


1)-Thanks the blogger who nominated you.

2)- share 11 facts about yourself.

3)- Answer the 11 question the blogger asked you

4)- Nominate the 11 blogger and make them happy.

5)- make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees

6)- Notify your 11 nominees

11 facts about me:-

1)- spritiual,

2)- positive

3)- Don’t like Facebook

4)- music lover

5)- tea lover

6)- nature lover,

7)- Ambitious,

8)- Hardworking

9)- Love sunset

10)- God’s lady

11)- passionate writer

Questions By Jasleen and my Answers:

1)- which weather do you like the best and why?

Ans:- I feel energetic in I like winter season.

2)- your favorite genre of movie?

Ans:- I love that movies which are based on woman empowerment like queen,Thappad etc.and also like romantic movies.

3):- your idea of a perfect day is?

Ans:- Do a good thing daily…Make others happy.

4)- your best memory in life is?

Ans:- I think there are lots of memories make me laugh,happy..but I am still waiting for best time !

5)- if you have a super power what would that be?

Ans:- if I have super power right now..I’ll finish Corona first.

6)- if you could time travel which part of time would you love to revisit..

Ans:- future

7):- your favorite comfort food is?

Ans:- curd rice, onion chapaties ,maggi with lots of vegetables 😄

8)- your favorite motivational quote is?

Ans:- The distance between your dreams and reality is action.

9):- what is one ambition you wish to achieve in life?

Ans:- famous,good,writer poet

10)- what do you love most about yourself?

Ans:- Honesty,loyalty,wisdom

11)what do you love more reading or writing?

Ans:- writting reading both but mostly writing

My questions to nominees:-

1)-your favorite writer?

2)- what do you like to eat in lunch?

3)- your hobbies expect writing?

4)- Do you help others?

5)- your favorite old song?

6)- your favorite flower?

7)- Do you follow your rituals and do you believe in it?

8)- Do you believe in vibes?I mean do you think something like negative vibes positive vibes?

9)- Do you believe in law of attraction?

10)- How much you care your self ?describe in 2 lines?

11)- what is your aim?

My nominees:-


Liebster Award

Hey everyone! I am very happy today.. has nominated me for Liebster award..I think my post is spreading positivity in people. Thank you so much dear

I really like your cute post..your postes make me happy everyone should visit at your site..


1)- Thanks the blogger who nominated you.

2)- Share 11 facts about yourself.

3)- Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

4)- Nominate the 11 bloggers and make them happy.

5)- Makeup to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees..

6)- Notify your 11 nominees

11 facts about me:-

1)- I am a spritiual person..and I love nature .

2)- I am a passionate writer. I can’t live without write.

3)- I born after 4 brother’s.

4)- I really don’t like Facebook..

5)- I like listen songs too much.

6)- I can’t live without tea..I start my day with tea.

7)- I feel sorry..if I can’t see sunset..

8)- I am a pure soul and transparent hearted lady

9)- I love to read books hindi English poetry etc.

10)- I am a self centered lady with friendly nature..

11)- I am foodie, sporty,quirky,Ambitious,Hardworker…

My answers:-

1)- what are you most determined to do in your life ?

– I want write,I love write..I want to write a lot and spread happiness..

2)- who is the most powerful person alive?and why?could be a famous person or perhaps one of your family or friends?

– My mom is the most powerful person alive..because I lost my father in my childhood..but our mother showed us strength..

3)- what is the one thing that should taught in school but isn’t.

– I think the practical knowledge..should be taught in school..this is most important to survive.

4)- How do you recharge?

– A cup of tea and a good book or a song is enough to freshen me up.

5)- what is something you are certain you will never experience?

– I will never cheat and drugged and never let anyone down.

6)- what do you think are the five most beautiful things in this world?

– these are 5 beautiful things in this world..according to me..number 1 -my bedroom 2- sunset 3- my mother 4- my garden 5-my diaries these things are related to my little world and give happiness and peace

7)- what obstacles are you trying to overcome..

– I don’t see any obstacles around me..I think some of my thoughts limit ..I want to overcome from thoughts.

8)- what do you take for granted?

-sometimes my thoughts about myself..I think sometime I take life easily..I wanna be serious..set more creative.

9)- what your responsiblity you wish you didn’t have?

– I am a responsible lady..and I take responsibilities always..

10)- what is your favorite trait about yourself?

– I always find a way to be happy in every environment.

11)- what is something you enjoy that you never tired of?

– I never get bored listening to songs..

My questions:-

1)- How close to nature do you find yourself?

2)- which one thing shoud must be in your fashion and style?

3)- what is the most beautiful time of your life?

4)- what two things do you always keep with you?

5)- why did you think of blogging?

6)- what are you most inspired by in your life?

7)- How do you reduce your stress?

8)- something you never want to lose in your life?

9)- what are your three favorite books?

10)- what was a good thing you did in lockdown?

11)- who are you most close to in your family?

My nominees:- .com

Thank you everyone☺️

If you can’t meditate than work on your creative side!


Hellow bloggers! Hope you all are good, I want to write about a very spritiual topic..and that is meditation ..

⚫Meditation is a medium to connect oneself to God..

But meditation is not easy for everyone.

If you can’t meditate than do something in which your soul is also lost..are you intrested in any creative activity!

Do you have a hobby?

I am sure you have!

If you don’t have a hobby than you should developed!

My mom love sewing.,she also make brocade work good ,these are her hobbies ,she get lost in these things!I have seen her making kushans,handkerchiefs from old clothes!she also like to make many different things like decorative items etc. When I see her doing these things she is lost,

In other case many people are fond of reading books so you can find them lost in books..friends this is also a type of meditation….


we all have ups and downs in is important to keep yourself mentally healthy..

writing is my hobby..I put all my feelings on paper..only than I get peace,I am a passionate writer,but I have also done something new..

I use a waste bottle again ..honestly I don’t know paintings,,but I tried to do something creative,and really I enjoyed it!I was inspired by a video of you tube,,

I don’t say you should also paint on a bottle..I mean that everyone should do something creative ,that can make you happy,that can make you busy,in which you can be physically and mentally busy!

may be you like bandmintan,,in bandmintan you have to be physically and mentally focused..same thing in football,weather its dancing or have to focused..

It’s also a type of meditation…


Art is meditation “

“Art is god”

“Art connects you to God “


Law of attraction!


Inspired by the secret book…

I didn’t know about law of attraction! When I didn’t know I was negative..

I have no doubt in saying that the law of attraction has changed my life!

If u also want to get something..first change your mindset..,it is most important..



1)- I can’t do anything,

2)- I am weak financially,

3)- my husband doesn’t love me,

4)- my siblings don’t support me..etc.

Ever since I read the book secret,I came to know that what we think is happening to us!

Really it was amazing to me!!!

Means if we think well..,we will get better! I want everyone to know about law of attraction..


1)- Always be positive,

2)- don’t underestimate your self,

3)- keep trying constantly for your dreams,

4)- give yourself time,

5)- be optimistic if not today than it will be less tomorrow,

6)- think you’ve got what you want!

7)- imagine yourself where you want to be..

8)- keep yourself happy always..


⚫if you want someone to love you…than you first love yourself..if you are careless with yourself nobody’s going to love you! !

please understand and care yourself..

fill yourself with love..

Fill yourself with care..

Focus on your own..

Do what you like value’s not call selfish it’s called self love!


बर्फ वाली शाम


बर्फ वाली शाम थी वह,

जब वह मुझे मिला था पहली बार,

ना! मिला नहीं था,

देखा था उसे,

पहाड़ों के पीछे से आता दिखा था मुझे,

चरवाहों से बातें करते देखा अपना सा लगा था,

फिर दो तीन मुलाकातों में लगा बिलकुल अलग सा था वो,

वो अकसर कहा करता था,

कि मुझे काफी अरसा हुआ है जिंदगी जीये हुए,

चलना जिंदगी थोड़ी है!

वो कभी नहीं बता पाता दर्द अपना,

जितनी गहरी बातें उतनी ही गहरी आँखे,

एक शाम जब वो मिला,

कुछ तो था उसकी आँखों में जो अभी भी ठहरा हुआ है मुझमें,

कुछ अलग सा था,

फिर एक दिन वो बर्फ वाली शाम फिर आयी,

वो मुसकुराता हुआ सा,

हँसता हुआ सा,

गहरी आँखों से मुझे निहारता रहा,

मैं डूबती रही,

इठलाती रही,

लगा कि ये शाम अब कभी ना जाए,

वक्त यहीं रूक जाए,

देखो वो झुमके मेरे कानों में अभी भी झूल रहे हैं,

हाँ वही जो तुमने मुझे दिए थे,

मुझे नहीं पता था कि वो आखिरी शाम थी,

ना तुम आये ना बर्फ वाली शाम,,

वो बर्फ वाली शाम फिर कभी नहीं आई ।



I am not a movie addicted person but as a human being I completely support to” Sushant Singh rajput”i think there’s something hidden..I can’t control on my emotions..I know the truth comes will come out.

There is a truth behind every scenes.

.what looks is not always true,

sometimes you have to hide the truth,

Sometimes the truth is suppressed,

But truth is never hidden,

The truth comes out,

Truth never weakens,

The truth is suppressed…sometimes under ego sometimes under lie…

Truth takes time but truth wins..

Truth has to go through difficulties..

#Satyamew jayte

आत्मा का टुकड़ा

तुम्हारा नाम लिख डाला था मैंने बादलों के छोटे-छोटे टुकड़ों पर,

जानते हो फिर बारिश हुई!

बारिश की हर एक बूँद पर तुम्हारा हीं नाम था,

और मैंने देखा कि वो बूँदें सींच रही थी मेरी साँसों को,

सुनो तुम कभी उदास मत होना,

मेरी” आत्मा का एक टुकड़ा “तुम्हारे हीं पास रहता है,

मेरे बदन पर तुम्हारी खुशबू वैसे है

जैसे तुमने अभी अभी छुआ हो ।

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