Libstar award 2

I am happy again to be nominated for the libstar award..Jasleen manifests has nominated me again..thank you so much Jasleen for your love support and appreciation!actually its Jasleen’s love for me,I just love her blog in which she writes a lot about law of attraction,manifestation,subconscious etc.Thank you jasleen thank you again..


1)-Thanks the blogger who nominated you.

2)- share 11 facts about yourself.

3)- Answer the 11 question the blogger asked you

4)- Nominate the 11 blogger and make them happy.

5)- make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees

6)- Notify your 11 nominees

11 facts about me:-

1)- spritiual,

2)- positive

3)- Don’t like Facebook

4)- music lover

5)- tea lover

6)- nature lover,

7)- Ambitious,

8)- Hardworking

9)- Love sunset

10)- God’s lady

11)- passionate writer

Questions By Jasleen and my Answers:

1)- which weather do you like the best and why?

Ans:- I feel energetic in I like winter season.

2)- your favorite genre of movie?

Ans:- I love that movies which are based on woman empowerment like queen,Thappad etc.and also like romantic movies.

3):- your idea of a perfect day is?

Ans:- Do a good thing daily…Make others happy.

4)- your best memory in life is?

Ans:- I think there are lots of memories make me laugh,happy..but I am still waiting for best time !

5)- if you have a super power what would that be?

Ans:- if I have super power right now..I’ll finish Corona first.

6)- if you could time travel which part of time would you love to revisit..

Ans:- future

7):- your favorite comfort food is?

Ans:- curd rice, onion chapaties ,maggi with lots of vegetables 😄

8)- your favorite motivational quote is?

Ans:- The distance between your dreams and reality is action.

9):- what is one ambition you wish to achieve in life?

Ans:- famous,good,writer poet

10)- what do you love most about yourself?

Ans:- Honesty,loyalty,wisdom

11)what do you love more reading or writing?

Ans:- writting reading both but mostly writing

My questions to nominees:-

1)-your favorite writer?

2)- what do you like to eat in lunch?

3)- your hobbies expect writing?

4)- Do you help others?

5)- your favorite old song?

6)- your favorite flower?

7)- Do you follow your rituals and do you believe in it?

8)- Do you believe in vibes?I mean do you think something like negative vibes positive vibes?

9)- Do you believe in law of attraction?

10)- How much you care your self ?describe in 2 lines?

11)- what is your aim?

My nominees:-


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