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Do a good job everyday.

I read somewhere “everyday do a good job without expecting”

And I was impressed

Than I thought I should share it …

If you have any staff in your office than give some gift to them without reasons..

And see his smiling face!

If you are married than bring some jewellery for your wife and surprise her!

You can also give flowers,cake etc…

You can also help a stranger if they need it..and trust me you’ll feel good!

You will find yourself away from negativity,

Sometime you should give some chocolate to a poor child and make him happy.

You can give a seat to a lady on the bus..

It is clear that you should make good feel to others

And you will feel better

Give to others what you have more…if you have more time than give time,

If you have advice than give advice,

If you have more money than give money,

If you have clothes than give clothes..

But you should give!

Giving is important


Published by Aradhana Singh

Poet by heart by soul

13 thoughts on “DO A GOOD WORK EVERYDAY..

  1. Wonderful inspired post Aradhana! Especially in this time of Covid-19.
    When I go to any store I ALWAYS Thank the Cashier & the Cart Cleaner, even the person who counts how many are going in & out of store. I do my best to be kind. I give compliments. Write notes….I did write a note to our Building Custodian & he came to thank me today for being thoughtful. It was a small gesture but an important one. It is always good to be kind & to do nice gestures & be kind to others; it does come back to a person!!
    Thank you for visiting our blog too. You are welcome there anytime.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen aka ‘LadyMew’ & **purrss** BellaDharma


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