I am not a movie addicted person but as a human being I completely support to” Sushant Singh rajput”i think there’s something hidden..I can’t control on my emotions..I know the truth comes will come out.

There is a truth behind every scenes.

.what looks is not always true,

sometimes you have to hide the truth,

Sometimes the truth is suppressed,

But truth is never hidden,

The truth comes out,

Truth never weakens,

The truth is suppressed…sometimes under ego sometimes under lie…

Truth takes time but truth wins..

Truth has to go through difficulties..

#Satyamew jayte

आत्मा का टुकड़ा

तुम्हारा नाम लिख डाला था मैंने बादलों के छोटे-छोटे टुकड़ों पर,

जानते हो फिर बारिश हुई!

बारिश की हर एक बूँद पर तुम्हारा हीं नाम था,

और मैंने देखा कि वो बूँदें सींच रही थी मेरी साँसों को,

सुनो तुम कभी उदास मत होना,

मेरी” आत्मा का एक टुकड़ा “तुम्हारे हीं पास रहता है,

मेरे बदन पर तुम्हारी खुशबू वैसे है

जैसे तुमने अभी अभी छुआ हो ।

Wound on soul…

#wound #soul,#mythoughts

There is a wound in her soul

This wound is very old,

She wants to heal that wound,

She spends time alone,

She listens to songs,

She tries her best,

Someday she thinks she is ok,

She is happy,

She is heal,

But as soon as the wounds are refreshed..

She wants to be happy,

She wants to smile,

She wants to enjoy her life,

But that wound keeps crushing her,

Then she gets sad,

Then she sits quietly looking at the emptiness,

She wants to forget everything,

She does all her work,and also eats foods,

Because she has to do all this,

She is living but can’t feel life,

Sometimes the pain in that wound increases,

And the result is only tears,

She knows the wound are not healed,

It’s a wound she never expected,

Her soul is injured,

Her soul is crying,

But she preys everyday,

Prayers help her,

Let’s see when she gets well…

Coffee in the rain


Having coffee in the rain,

It is very painful,

How to enjoy rain alone,

It is very tearful..

Your thoughts come like water bubbles

I am looking at the marbles

They are wet but ..

Not effect yet,

They are beautiful but merciless,

They are brighten but emotionless,

They have no feelings like you,

They are not listening like you.

They are like you dude ,

Always pretty but rude,

These wind are teasing making scares,

Nobody is listening and hearing my desires..

How are you?come for anywhere,

And give me so much love and care…

Switch to nature

Sometimes..some thoughts comes…and they are really true..


Shower shower ,

Please take a shower!

Give it a few hours,

It’s not for body ,

It’s for soul,

Switch to nature,

Go to downpour,

Do it daily,

You will heal slowly,slowly,

How long will you live amateur


Do something in your favour,

If you unable to understand,

Come out and touch the land

You will feel satisfaction,

Come out with the rubbish attraction….


Dark to Light…

A woman lived in the dark world, she didn’t know about light ,she just kept getting entangled,she was also afraid without reasons,she didn’t know how to laugh openly,how to live freely,she faced insult,she faced ignorance,she faced soul shock ,she broke down completely,

Then she choose the spiritual path,she introspective,she is balance sometimes unbalanced,she wavers,

Then she met nature,then she met divine,slowly she started to grow,she started to laugh,she never felt the wind,she never touched the flowers,

She saw herself in the mirror,she feel herself,now she loves herself,now she is attracting love,she is attracting abundance,she is attracting prosperity….


Love your self…

Sometimes you crazy for someone….but he dosen’t care ur emotions..

Why are you chasing him?

He is not even thinking about you!

Please do something else!and think about you..

Why are you destroying your life!

Why are you not working on your creative side?

Write something if you love to write,

Draw something if u love drawing,

Please don’t trouble ,,

Let’s go and enjoy travel,,

Please raise your vibrations,

You will get solutions,

Please!think spiritually,

U will reach at destination,,

Your soul is hungry for happiness,

Please make interesting to your loneliness,,

Hey !love, love ,yourself

Please care your self…



You should take it lightly…my Poetry is obviously funny….but this is what the earth is suffering from…..

Corona now you go please!

I want to eat street foods!

I want to go to beach with my love!

Oh!I wanna walk around in western dresses!

I want to enjoy with my friends…

I want to walk on the road!

Please corona now you go please!

I want to go to crowded places,

Want to see movies,

My lipstick is hidden from mask,

I want to night out with friends …

Corona now you go please!

मैं तुम बन जाती हूँ ।


तुमसे दूर होंने के बाद

चंद्रमा को निहारती रहती हूँ अपलक,

मैं कविताएँ भी लिखती हूँ,

कभी-कभी सन्नाटे में अपनी सिसकियाँ खुद ही सुनती हूँ,

ओढ़े रहती हूँ एक अदृश्य आवरण,

ये बारिश की बूँदें भी सताती है मुझे,

मैं कहीं भी देखती रहती हूँ बिना किसी कारण लगातार

तुम नहीं हो पर मैं तुम बन जाती हूँ कभी-कभी ।

I become you

After being away from you,

I keep looking at the moon,

Without blinking eyelids,

I write poetrys,

Sometimes in silence, I hear my cry myself

I cover myself invisibly,

These drops of rain are also teasing me,

I look somewhere continuously without reasons..

You are not hear but I become you..

I wanna say the truth


Listen, i saw you yesterday ,

Was that a dream?

No! That was not a dream!

That was truth,

I saw you,

I saw you again,

You were smiling,

But,you were hiding something from me,

May be that was some of your thoughts,some of your feelings,

Listen, I know what was that,

I wanna say but give me some time,

I will tell the truth,

Listen we can’t excuse,

We both are confuse,

We wanna live together,

We are precious for each other,

I know u r mirroring,

We both have same feelings,

Please give me sometime,

I wanna say the truth.

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