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#absence #sepration

Please don’t miss me in my


You should find yourself,

Instead of saving my memories,

Think about where you were wrong..

You should think also how much you know me?

Think how much I mean in your life!

In fact separation is a medium to find one self ..

You should find yourself

I will find myself..

This is the time when you can meet yourself..

But don’t miss me in my absence,,

you should find yourself..

Published by Aradhana Singh

Poet by heart by soul

69 thoughts on “DON’T MISS ME IN MY ABSENCE..

  1. Very touching & poignant poem Aradhana! When I read it & reread it I thought of my dearly missed husband Paul. We only had 13 years together…not always good times. There WAS always ❤ Love ❤ tho'…
    I could hear him saying this to me….thank you for your sharing.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

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  2. Beautifully composed strong message to the separated souls to introspect in search of follies committed during a relationship needing resurrection! Congratulations Sadhna for the heart touching piece of writeup 💕

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